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The anchor molars on the top and bottom teeth are the wisdom teeth. The last of the molars to arrive, the four wisdom teeth coincide with adulthood for most people, emerging in the late teens or early twenties. Many people do not have any issues when these large molars arrive, but there are problems associated with wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth removal is needed, Carrington Square Dental can provide a comfortable, stress-free experience for our patients at our state-of-the-art dental center in Waxhaw, NC.

There are multiple problems that are related to the wisdom teeth. Many people have smaller jaws and there simply is not room for these last molars. As they come in, they can press against other teeth, causing bite misalignment, pain and other dental disorders. Some wisdom teeth are impacted in the gums or grow sideways – this can cause pain, infection and malocclusions. The best solution for many young adults is to remove the wisdom teeth to avoid other problems with their oral health.

Painless Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can be removed at any point if they become a problem, but they are easier to remove when they first arrive. The bone in the jaw has not completely bonded to the molar when they first arrive, making it less stressful to remove these large teeth. At Carrington Square Dental, we utilize advanced imaging and dental technology to plan and prepare for every wisdom tooth extraction. This helps prevent any complications during oral surgery for a smooth procedure.

The wisdom teeth are completely numbed with local anesthesia before extraction, but many patients also prefer sedation during the procedure. Our dentist can discuss the options available for sedation and anesthesia before your wisdom teeth removal. The procedure is painless, and the recovery is minimal – you will want to rest for a few days to let your mouth heal.

Wisdom teeth should be carefully monitored as they arrive to determine if they may cause any dental problems. If removal is needed, we can perform your procedure at Carrington Square Dental in Waxhaw, NC. Contact our office to schedule a wisdom teeth removal consultation if you need your last molars extracted.

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