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In a perfect world, no one would ever need a tooth extraction. Every tooth would arrive without problems and last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that is not the norm, and there are times when teeth need to be removed to protect the health of the patient. At Carrington Square Dental, we strive to ensure our patients can retain their natural teeth whenever possible. But when it is necessary, we perform stress-free tooth extractions at our dental center in Waxhaw, NC.

There are many different reasons a tooth may need to be removed. Sometimes it occurs early in a tooth’s life if it does not grow correctly, as some teeth may be impacted in the gums or grow sideways. Injuries can damage a tooth beyond repair, requiring removal of the tooth. Wisdom teeth are often removed due to lack of space in the mouth or problems caused when they arrive. If you are located in Waxhaw and tooth extraction may be in your near future consider Carrington Square Dental. Whatever the reason, our compassionate dental team can provide safe and comfortable dental services at our dental center near Weddington and Wesley Chapel.


Many people have anxiety about tooth extractions, which is understandable. The thought of tooth removal can be stressful, but the procedure can be stress-free and painless. At Carrington Square Dental, we offer sedation options for those who want a stress-free experience for their tooth extraction. The procedure is usually very quick once the tooth is numbed with local anesthesia and patients can be home resting shortly after their tooth is removed.

After a tooth is removed, it is important to rest and allow the surgical site to heal. Our dental team will review the post-surgery instructions to help avoid problems after your tooth extraction. Most patients have very little discomfort – any discomfort can be managed with ice packs and pain relievers.

When you need a tooth extraction, our team at Carrington Square Dental can help make it as stress-free as possible. We have a comfortable atmosphere with many amenities to help you relax during your procedure. Let us be your Waxhaw tooth extractions experts.  To schedule your tooth exam or removal procedure, contact our office in Waxhaw, NC today.

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