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The gums support and surround the teeth. Healthy gums should cover the bottom of the teeth, but if there is plaque or tartar on the teeth, the gums may recede. Irritation and infection in the gum tissue can result in receding gum tissue that leaves pockets around the teeth roots. At Carrington Square Dental, we offer receding gum treatment to restore healthier gums and teeth at our dental center in Waxhaw, NC.

Gingivitis and gum disease are the main causes of receding gums. When plaque is not completely removed with brushing and flossing, it can harden into tartar. Not only does the tartar irritate the gum tissue, but it harbors bacteria that create more plaque and may infect the gum tissue. The pockets created by receding gums around the teeth also create hiding spots for bacteria. Once gums recede, it is difficult to effectively clean the teeth and periodontal disease can progress unless you seek professional receding gum treatment.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Irritated, infected and receding gum tissue is uncomfortable. It may be swollen, red and tender or may bleed easily when you brush or floss your teeth. These are all signs of infected gums or gingivitis/gum disease. The best way to relieve inflamed, receding gums is with deep teeth cleanings paired with good oral hygiene.

Our hygienist can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove any tartar. A periodontal exam will also be performed to determine the progression of gum disease and treatment needed. Early stages of gingivitis may be treated with more frequent dental cleanings and improved home oral hygiene. Medication may be prescribed to help fight the gum infection. For more severe gum infections, scaling and root planing may be recommended to remove tartar from below the gum line. With treatment, gum tissue can heal and restore support for the teeth.

If you have swollen, bleeding or receding gums, treatment can restore your oral health and protect your smile. Contact our team at Carrington Square Dental to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup to determine the best treatment plan to improve your gum and teeth health.

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