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Carrington Square Dental office.
Bill J.

"In every way I am pleased with your dental service! Your professionalism and dental expertise was evident throughout. I cannot remember another medical experience where so much care was given to my comfort. Moreover, the new facility was attractive as well as efficient in design. The dentist’s artistic sketches displayed on the main hall’s walls were thoughtful and absolutely beautiful which added to my appreciation for the competence of this dental practice. While this is only my first visit, I enthusiastically plan on continuing with their service!"

Angela M.

"The absolute best dentist around!! I had a tooth extracted and a filling done and they both made it so comfortable for me, that I barely felt a thing!! Would highly recommend this dentist to anyone and everyone!! She is amazing!! Dr Bhrita!! Thank y’all so much. The whole staff is amazing!!"

Tammy R.

"I had a great experience there and Dr. Chokshi is awesome. He has great patient care. He made me feel comfortable because I was very nervous. I will be going back to see Dr. Chokshi because he made my experience so much better. I don't think I’ll be nervous anymore."

Sheri C.

"I was super nervous about having a molar pulled and bone grafts done. Dr. Chokshi was thorough in explaining the process, he was patient with answering any questions I had and easing my anxiety. He was attentive in making sure the process was pain free. I would highly recommend him for any dental service."

Brittany W.

"Exceptional service! I was pleased with the care I received from Dr. Bhrita."

Nicole L.

"Dr. Bhrita is amazing! She made me feel comfortable from the very first appointment. I highly recommend her!"

Lindsay H.

"I called two weeks ago on Monday morning with a crown that had fallen off. I was able to be seen within three hours and I had a very bad cavity underneath the crown that was previously put on a few years ago at another dentist office. Dr. Chokshi Was so kind and professional and was able to get my cavity filled that day and I came back two weeks later and got my new permanent crown put on. It was a wonderful experience and my mouth and tooth feel so much better. I am so happy with my experience. They were so quick to see me and it was a great experience."

Dwayne S.

"I had a tooth extraction done here by Dr. Chokshi. He informed me that one of my teeth were infected and I decided to remove it. Upon removal the infection was terrible and Dr.C cleaned out the infection for 10-15mins. Tooth was pulled in 2min or less. Felt ZERO pain during the entire time. This was my first extraction and I was nervous but once it started I felt relaxed and just watched the TV. Great experience for a terrible situation."

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