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Bad breath odor can shake your self-confidence and impact your social or professional life. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also be a sign you have a dental problem. Many times, halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is a symptom of oral health issues that require attention. Our experienced dental team at Carrington Square Dental can provide halitosis treatment and determine the cause of bad breath at our dental center in Waxhaw, NC.

Bad breath is common, and everyone can experience unpleasant breath odor. However, most bad breath disappears when you brush your teeth or use mouthwash to remove bacteria in the mouth. Halitosis is more persistent and does not go away with oral hygiene. There is usually an underlying cause of the odor – tooth decay, infection or other health concerns, which need further treatment. Once the dental issues are diagnosed and treated, the halitosis often disappears with the improved oral health.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene is the first step in halitosis treatment. A thorough dental cleaning to remove bacteria and the associated plaque and tartar on the teeth can be the best treatment for bad breath. Gingivitis, or gum disease, can cause halitosis and more serious oral health problems. Treating gum infections and improving gum health can help with bad breath odor.

If your gum health is good, the bad breath odor may be caused by tooth deterioration. Our dentist can perform a comprehensive dental exam to check for signs of tooth decay or infection. Tooth deterioration can cause an offensive odor and jeopardize your smile. If there is decay or infection, we can provide treatment to stop the damage to your teeth and get rid of your bad breath odor.

In most cases, addressing oral health issues will relieve halitosis. Our dental team can uncover gum or teeth issues that caused bad odor and complete the needed dental and halitosis treatment. Contact us at Carrington Square Dental in Waxhaw, NC, near Weddington and Wesley Chapel, to schedule your dental exam and cleaning today to find and remove the cause of your chronic bad breath.

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