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When a tooth is damaged, it needs protection that can withstand the pressure of the jaw when chewing. Dental crowns offer complete coverage of a broken or damaged tooth, while inlays or onlays can provide cover for a portion of the tooth. Dental crowns, inlays, and onlays can be made from porcelain or other white dental materials to match your smile while protecting your damaged tooth. If you are in pain because of a damaged tooth and in Waxhaw, dental crowns at Carrington Square Dental may be the way to go. 

A dental crown is designed to fit over the tooth. Material is removed to allow the crown to be bonded on the tooth, but the crown is molded to be the same shape and size as the original tooth. Dental crowns are used for a wide variety of tooth restorations. Broken, damaged, or cracked teeth can be restored with a dental crown, but crowns are also used after dental treatments like root canals. Dental crowns can also be used for complete tooth restorations when used as part of a dental bridge or dental implant. Consider us your Waxhaw dental crowns specialists. At Carrington Square Dental, we offer advanced general dentistry options for tooth repairs and restorations at our facility in Waxhaw, NC.


When the tooth structure is compromised, it may need the complete protection provided by a dental crown. Cracked or broken teeth can be restored with a dental crown. Our dentist and support team can prepare the tooth for a crown and create a mold or impression of the tooth that is sent to our dental lab. Once the permanent crown is created, it is fitted over your damaged tooth and bonded in place, giving you a new, stronger tooth.


When only a portion of the tooth is weakened or broken, dental inlays or onlays may be used to restore or repair the tooth. These are dental restorations that are also made in a dental lab like crowns and are usually made from ceramics or porcelain. Unlike fillings that are formed on the tooth, inlays and onlays are made in a lab and bonded to the tooth. This is a better solution for teeth that have substantial damage or a significant amount of tooth material missing than a filling.



If you have a tooth that needs repair or restoration, Carrington Square Dental offers dental crowns, inlays, and onlays at our dental center near Wesley Chapel and Weddington. Contact our office in Waxhaw, NC, to schedule a tooth repair appointment.

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